Our mission is to offer a unique opportunity to experience a firmfoundation of Recovery and all the benefits that go along with living a Sober Life. There is much need for the transitional phase of Recovery after thecompletion of treatment, completion of jail or prison, or when someone is needing the extra help in living a clean and fulfilling life.  The word Recovery has many facets. It is not just about putting down the drink or drug, it is about a new way.

We will offer our clients the chance to live in a safe space along with having the benefits of growth in every area of their lives. at Recovery Bay, we don't look at what we are offering, but what we are able to lead, guide, and direct our clients with; much opportunity for a successful life.

after becoming sober, we have to re learn how to live and function in society.

We have to change our people, places and things and most times than not, that leaves us feeling alone.  

at Recovery Bay, we want you to be confindent in knowing that you have a family here. 

Our Program encompasses many modalities that are a part of Recovery; 12-Step, Faith Based, and Holistic. We believe everyone is unique and want to offer proven methods that will fit your beliefs.

We are structured, supervised and most importantly we are safe.  

We offer Job Assistance, Transportation outlets, and Education connections. We will be teaching you how to take care of self in all areas of life.  From something so simple as washing laundry, to something so big as a life event of going back to school,Recovery Bay will be your support every step of the way.